Norfolk Southern Railroad

Worked closely with Norfolk Southern and the U.S. Coast Guard to complete a complex sheave repair project within a tight operating window.

This project consisted of the inspection and repair of a sheave assembly believed to be the cause of a malfunctioning 115-year-old lift bridge owned by Norfolk Southern Railroad.

ICC found, removed, and replaced a damaged shaft. Work had to be performed quickly to melt the existing shaft for removal; replace the shaft, and reinstall the assembly which included a 60,000 lb pulley wheel and one-inch steel cables, each weighing approximately 12,000 lbs.

The project was completed within the 112-hour operating window despite the unanticipated fused shaft. Because the work was done with the bridge in the “down” position, the project required coordination and approval from the USCG.

  • Unexpected fused shaft required around-the-clock work to melt and remove within the 112-hour outage window without damaging surrounding sheave components
  • Sheave wheel 12 feet diameter, 60,000 lbs, 210 ft in the air
  • One million-pound concrete counterweight
  • One inch steel cables removed and reinstalled - each weighing 12,000 lbs
  • Repaired sheave assembly reinstalled and adjusted to restore bridge operation
  • Deployed 275-ton crawler crane